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View 2016 -2017 VIP Days
2016 -2017 VIP Days

The Alcorn Career and Technology Center staff hosted teamwork, communication and leadership activities during our annual VIP Days.

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View 2016 ACTC Awards Day
2016 ACTC Awards Day

The annual ACTC Awards Day was held on May 6th at the Alcorn Education Center.

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View 2016 Alcorn College and Career Fair
2016 Alcorn College and Career Fair

The annual Alcorn College and Career Fair for seniors was held at the MSU Extension Center on September 21, 2016. Students were able to learn about various options, available to them, after high school.

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View 2016 National SkillsUSA Competition
2016 National SkillsUSA Competition

Ethan Davis and Gibson Stewart, ACTC SkillsUSA members and their instructor/sponsor, Tim Bradley, attended the National SkillsUSA Competition in Louisville, Kentucky, June 20-24, 2016.

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View 2016 Red Ribbon Week
2016 Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week was hosted at ACTC during the week of October 24-28, 2016. This special event is hosted, each year, to promote the future of drug free workforce.

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View 2017 - The Real World
2017 - The Real World

Mary Linda Moore of the MSU Extension program visited and conducted a budgeting activity with the ACTC students.

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View 2017 ACTC Orientation Scavenger Hunt
2017 ACTC Orientation Scavenger Hunt

ACTC Students went on an Orientation Scavenger Hunt during the second week of school. The students met all school staff, learned about the campus and learned the rules of campus.

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View 2017 Alcorn College and Career Fair
2017 Alcorn College and Career Fair

The annual Alcorn College and Career Fair for seniors event was held September 26th at the MSU Extension Building. 42 organizations came out to assist our students in planning for future careers.

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View 2017 Awards Day
2017 Awards Day

ACTC held its annual Awards day on Friday, Amy 12th, in the Alcorn Education Center Board Room.

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View 2017 CTE Month Photo Booth
2017 CTE Month Photo Booth

"Catch the Wave in CTE" is the theme of our 2017 celebration of Career and Technical Education Month. Students and faculty are enjoying our photo booth.

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View 2017 District SkillsUSA Competition
2017 District SkillsUSA Competition

The ACTC was well represented at the District SkillsUSA Competition at Northwest Mississippi Community College on January 30th.

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View 2017 Nontraditional Student Day
2017 Nontraditional Student Day

On May 1, 2017, Student Services Coordinators, Robert and Joyce Suitor, sponsored a Nontraditional Student Day for our Center's nontraditional students.

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View 2017 NTHS Ceremony
2017 NTHS Ceremony

The ACTC Chapter of the National Technical Honor Society held an induction ceremony on November 14, 2017.

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View 2017 Personal Protective Equipment Relay
2017 Personal Protective Equipment Relay

Health Sciences I students took part in a Personal Protective Equipment Relay as a part of their Infection Control Unit.

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View 2017 Red Ribbon Week
2017 Red Ribbon Week

ACTC Celebrated National Red Ribbon Week October 23-27, 2017 with various activities - one of which was our annual food drive.

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View 2017-2018 Awards Day
2017-2018 Awards Day

The 2018 ACTC Awards Day was held at the Alcorn Education Center on May 13, 2018.

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View 9th grade tours
9th grade tours

The Alcorn Career and Technology Center hosted tours for area 9th graders during the months of January and February 2017.

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View ACTC's 45th Anniversary Celebration
ACTC's 45th Anniversary Celebration

The Alcorn Career and Technology Center celebrated its 45th anniversary with an open house on February 7, 2017.

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View ACTE Summer Conference
ACTE Summer Conference

Five Alcorn School District CTE staff members were asked to serve as presenters at the Mississippi ACTE Conference in Jackson, July 27-29, 2016.

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View Air Evac & Magnolia EMS Field Trip
Air Evac & Magnolia EMS Field Trip

The Health Sciences and Law and Public Safety classes recently toured Air Evac and Magnolia EMS.

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View Alcorn County Disaster Drill
Alcorn County Disaster Drill

Mrs. Johnson's Health Sciences Students and Mr. Anderson's Law and Public Safety students volunteered during the Alcorn County Disaster Drill.

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View County Disaster Drill
County Disaster Drill

Thank you, Health Sciences and Law and Public Safety students for volunteering at our county's disaster drill. We appreciate your community service.

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View Farm Bureau Shop Safety
Farm Bureau Shop Safety

John Hubbard of Farm Bureau spoke to students about safety in their shop and home environment. Thank you, Farm Bureau!

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View Mock Interviews
Mock Interviews

Traci Johnson, Penny McDonald and Holly Mills of Magnolia Regional Health Center, recently conducted mock interviews with Mrs. Tila Johnson's Healthcare and Clinical Services students. Thank you, MRHC!

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View MRHC Interview Practice
MRHC Interview Practice

Penny McDonald, Traci Johnson, and Marla Southern of Magnolia Regional Health Center visited our Health Sciences students and conducted mock interviews with them.

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View National Educators Rising Conference
National Educators Rising Conference

The ACTC Educators Rising Chapter had 4 students to compete in the National Educators Rising Competition in Boston, MA, June 24-27, 2016. They attended along with their instructor/sponsor, Nan Nethery.

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View NEMCC Trip for Completers
NEMCC Trip for Completers

ACTC completers visited their NEMCC articulated programs on February 15, 2017.

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View NTHS Induction 2016-2017
NTHS Induction 2016-2017

The NTHS chapter at the Alcorn Career and Technology Center inducted 22 new members on November 7, 2016.

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View School Board Appreciation Week
School Board Appreciation Week

The Culinary Arts Program and National Technical Honor Society Chapter recently honored the Alcorn School District's School Board during Mississippi School Board Appreciation Week.

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View TSA Regional Competition at NEMCC
TSA Regional Competition at NEMCC

The ACTC was well represented at the Technology Student Association Compeition on February 3, 2017, at NEMCC.

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View CTE Organization Activities
CTE Organization Activities

We have very active CTE organizations on our campus. Check out some of our activities.

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View Guest Speakers
Guest Speakers

The ACTC appreciates our guest speakers who share their knowledge with our students.

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View 2015 Nontraditional Student Day
2015 Nontraditional Student Day

Student Services personnel sponsored Nontraditional Student Day at ACTC to honor our current nontraditional students, promote retention and recruitment of nontraditional students.

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